This is the number one place in Ecuador to watch the majestic Andean Condor, 99.9% percent guaranteed we will see it flying over the amazing cliffs where it has its nests. This is also “the” place to see the endemic Ecuadorian  Hillstar, and a good option to see the Andean Bear

Antisanilla reserve has at least 4 different cliffs in which up to 30 Andean Condors perching have been counted from a wild population of  just a 100 in the country, in addition we have documented 2 active nests in the property. You will also get some breathtaking views from the cliffs. Antisanilla belongs to the Jocotoco Foundation which is doing some fantastic work in the conservation and recovery of our forests so our money goes to the right hands by visiting this reserve.

Vladimir owner of Tambo Cóndor has made some really impressive efforts to improve the population of the Andean Condor and has a beautiful place  which we will be visiting, he is also a very knowledgeable person to talk about these majestic birds, the biggest flying bird in the world. His beautiful place is very close to the the Condor cliffs lookout, this is also the perfect place to watch the Giant Hummingbird, the biggest in the world, and they come to the feeders in a very  large number like nowhere else. From the porch at the lodge there is a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and a possibility to see Andean Bears in the distance.

Antisana National Park and the Antisana Mountain is a majestic and mysterious volcano on the western mountain range. It is the nucleus of this protected area in which we find moorlands and western Andean forests. Volcanic activity, glacial processes, and evolution have created amazing scenery along the way and a very diverse wildlife.



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