Our Places

Our motivation is the desire to start a new business concept in which our guests engage with small local projects, not for the sole purpose of making a man richer, instead how to benefit these small communities?

We can all assure locals will not be tempted of obliged to cut down the rainforest or illegally sell animals for money.

We want to invest in the right hands by visiting certain lodges which develop environmentally responsible projects, such as replanting trees in deforested areas or amazing community start ups which involve wildlife rescue projects.

We will help our guests become witnesses of the amount of effort, money and love, these remarkable people put into their small but significant projects.

Becoming conscious of the story behind all of it.

We want you to talk to these amazing people, have the opportunity to learn everything you have wanted to know for so long, experience through your own eyes their projects form up close.

See what they have been through to make these projects work, because we can all help, such as those past hunters who now are the founders of some incredible wildlife reserves.

Give yourself the once in a lifetime chance to meet them and get to know their stories.einz.