Plate-billed mountain toucan nest

Plate-billed mountain toucan nest
  1. I starting monitoring the nest september 05, 2020, apparently eggs had already hatched, because i noticed one parent arriving at the nest with a small amount of soft fruit at the tip of its beak but the other one would leave the nest for the first one to Access,in other words food was brought inside
  2. Previouly active for around a couple of weeks before my sighting
  3. Weekend of 5 and 6 of september- I noticed soft fruity food on tip of beak
  4. One of the parents was going around looking for food and returning to the nest to feed the other parent sometimes  and also the chick, switching turns inside the nest
  5. Both parents were taking care of the nest the whole monitoring
  6. I missed weekend of september 12 and 13 of september
  7. Weekend of september 19 and 20  i noticed parents were very loud when perched on branches before accessing the nest also when they perched at nest´s edge waiting for the other parent to leave, they would sing or call very loudly
  8. Same weekend, palm tree seeds were added to diet
  9. I watched pressumably the male bringing and giving a Berry to the female at the nest´s edge then she takes it and leaves the nest for him to take over the chick´s care, and she eats the Berry somewhere else
  10. Also pressumably he brings a Berry for the chick on a different occasion
  11. Soft fruit was being brought for the chick the whole 4 weeks of monitoring
  12. September the 19 th, one time 1 very ripe palm tree seed was brought for the chick, almost black, the rest of the seeds were red
  13. Weekend of september 26 and 27, what seems to be a frog was brought to the nest on september 27, that was my only record of protein during my 4 weeks of monitoring
  14. On september the 27 th i had my first and only 2 sightings of a parent taking feces out of the nest
  15. On the 27th the parent inside the nest decides to go out to a near by secropia tree and eats since the other parent does not return for a 1 hour plus period
  16. October 3 rd nest was empty, i waited from 8 am till 11 am no activity was recorded, i returned at 4 30 pm and noticed the 2 parents and the grown chick arriving at the near by branches close to the nest like trying to Access the nest, they  were all very loud at the spot , unfortunatelly in that ocassion we were a total of 6 people watching 2 of the them wearing bright colors, that apparently scared the toucans and decided the 2 adults to leave leaving the chick behind which did not Access the nest either