The Magnificent


If you are looking to watch the endangered national bird soaring the sky, this is it. This area has over 35 percent of all Andean Condors left in Ecuador, watching the biggest flying bird in the world is no ordinary thing, measuring 3 meters with the wings spread out, it is a privilege to watch.


  • Andean Condor
  • Ecuadorian Hillstar Hummingbird
  • Andean Bear
  • Great horn owl
  • birds of prey species
  • Antisana Mountain

The Magnificent

The Magnificent

The Magnificent

The Magnificent

Itinerary: The Magnificent

Less than 1 hour and 30 minutes from Quito we arrive at the number one place in Ecuador to watch the majestic Andean Condor. 99.9% guaranteed we will see it flying over the amazing cliffs where it has its nests.

We will visit Antisana National Park, Antisana is a majestic and mysterious volcano on the western mountain range. It is the nucleus of this protected area in which we find moorlands and western Andean forests. Volcanic activity, glacial processes, and evolution have created amazing scenery along the way and a very diverse wildlife,no doubt this is one of my favorite places to watch birds of prey such as cinerious harrier ,black chested buzzard Eagle,peregrin falcon and more, many times flying close to the condors

Upon our return from the national park we will spend the rest of the day at Tambo Condor, a beautiful place very close to the the condor cliffs lookout, this is also the perfect place to watch the Giant Hummingbird come to the feeders in large numbers like nowhere else. From the  porch at the lodge there is a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and a possibility to see Andean Bears in the distance.

Overnight at Tambo Condor.

Early morning we will visit the beautiful Antisanilla Reserve, which has at least 4 different cliffs in which up to 30 Andean Condors perching have been counted from a wild population of  just a 100 in the country in addition, we have documented 2 active nests in the property.

This is also “he” place to see the endemic Ecuadorian Hillstar, and a perfect option to see the Andean Bear, great horn Owls, carunculated caracaras and White-tailed Deer are commonly seen here also. Watch our you tube videos

Birds of Antisana national park

Yellow-billed pintail, andean ruddy-duck, silvery grebe, andean teal, andean coot, american oystercatcher, many-striped canastero, streak-backed canastero, bar-winged cinclodes, house wren, andean gull, black-faced ibis, andean lapwing

We will enjoy lunch and at Tambo Condor and return to Quito.

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