Add a seasonal or macro world option to your birding tour

There are two seasons that we are eagerly expecting all year long, and we just can't wait for our two beloved animal friends to come back again. The endangered Andean Bears, South America’s only bear species, and the majestic and so impressive Humpback Whales which we can watch during their tropical migration.

Humpback Whale

From mid June until mid September Ecuador receives the visit of the magnificent Humpback Whales every year but we do not want you to have a touristy experience, that's why we join a group of scientists on a boat for a scientific tour and we want you to witness how the sounds of theses whales is recorded with underwater equipment, samples of skin and breath are taken for further study and analysis.

Get an up close experience from the perspective of a marine biologist and cetacean experts and learn first hand.

Along the way to our whale base camp we will stop at some of the premier birding spots in the northwest for you to enjoy some top notch birding.

You will be glad to know your money will help fund this Project so scientists can continue to study and protects humpback whales.


Seasonal - Whale

Seasonal - Bear

Andean bear

Every year during undetermined dates (so check with us), we receive the visit of the endangered  Andean spectacled Bear in it's natural habitat just under 2 hours from Quito and it's a perfect match to any of our birding options.

You will be glad to know that your money will help fund maquipucuna bear reserve so they can continue to protect them.


Macro world

Ecuador has over 600 amphibious species of those 241 are endemic, this makes Ecuador the most diverse  in amphibious in the world as it has 3 times more species per square km than Colombia and 21 times more than Brazil , This makes Ecuador an amphibious haven.

Seasonal - Macro World