Condor Adventure


We will arrive at the number one location in Ecuador to watch the majestic Andean Condor, this place gives you the chance to enjoy some beautiful scenery, see the endemic Ecuadorian  Hillstar and possibly andean bears. At this protected area we find moorlands and western Andean forests. Volcanic activity, glacial processes, and evolution have created amazing scenery along the way and a very diverse wildlife.


  • The best place for Andean Condors
  • The best place to find the endemic Ecuadorian Hillstar
  • Great mountain scenery from cliffs
  • Good place for Andean Bears
  • Best place for Giant Hummingbird

Condor Adventure Tour

Condor Adventure Tour

Condor Adventure Tour

Condor Adventure Tour

Condor Adventure Tour

Condor Adventure Tour

Itinerary: Condor Adventure

Departure Quito: We depart from Quito at 05:45 am and drive less than one hour and a half to get to Antisanilla Reserve.

We arrive at the number one place in Ecuador to watch the majestic Andean Condor. 99.9 % percent guaranteed we will see it flying over the amazing cliffs where it has its nests. This is also THE place to see the endemic Ecuadorian Hillstar and a good option to see the Andean Bear.

During this trip we will visit the beautiful Antisanilla Reserve which has at least 4 different cliffs in which up to 30 Andean Condors perching have been counted from a wild population of just a 100 in the country, in addition we have documented 2 active nests in the property.

We will also be looking for the andean bears, andean fox, great horned owls. There will be lots of carunculated caracaras, and White tailed deers.

This is a great place to look for birds of prey such as black-chested buzzard Beagle, cinereous harrier with some luck we will watch them as the hunt, often times plain-colored seedeaters.

And this is my favorite place to photograph them as they hunt them, of course I have my secret spots for that

After spending an amazing day at the Reserve and having had lunch we will return to Quito.

Arrival: We will be back in Quito at around 18:30 pm.